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About Pieter Taks Holding B.V.

In the dawn of the new millennium, 2000 to be exact, the vision for Pieter Taks Holding B.V. began to take shape with the inception of our pioneering subsidiary, an Internet Service Provider. By 2008, this vision crystallized as we formally established ourselves as an investment entity. Today, enriched by our journey, we channel our energies and expertise into mentoring and assisting startups, helping them turn their aspirations into reality.

Pieter Taks, CEO

Seasoned Entrepreneur with a solid background in engineering, development and management. Started my first business straight out of school and have build it into a successful multi-million euro company. Hardworking, dedicated and resourceful leader with a can-do attitude and 20+ years in internet communication industry. Aim to be a reliable, honest and inspiring person with high integrity. Ready to leverage experience and drive to pursue new professional challenges.

    Analytical Thinking
    Creative Problem Solving
    Business Management & Operations
    Accounting & Finance Management
    Business Process Automation
    ICT & Datacenter Operations
    ISP Grade Networking (Full Stack)
    Linux Engineering (Full Stack)
    Web Development (HTML, JS, CSS, PHP)
    Software Development (Python)
    Database Development (MySQL & ERD)
Our Services


netrebel b.v.

  • role: shareholder
  • shares: undisclosed
  • type: operating company
  • focus: internet access provider
  • start: september 2014

internet connectivity over fiber to residential and businesses


  • role: founder, owner
  • shares: 100%
  • type: operating company
  • focus: whitelabel internet services
  • start: october 2015

internet service provider


  • role: co-founder, co-owner
  • shares: 50%
  • type: operating company
  • focus: artificial intelligence services
  • start: november 2020

anything as a service

Responsible for brands such as HyperAI, an Artificial Intelligence service.

Playdôme Holding B.V.

  • role: shareholder
  • shares: undisclosed
  • type: holding company
  • focus: entertainment industry investments
  • start: december 2020

family entertainment center 

NForce Entertainment B.V.

  • ROLE: founder, owner
  • shares: 100%
  • type: operating company
  • focus: internet hosting services
  • start: april 2003
  • end: november 2018

internet service provider

Our Services


Associate degrees Academie

Associate degrees Academie is an initiative of Avans Hogeschool and University of Applied Sciences.

We have assisted with their Dragons Den in March 2022, December 2023 and January 2024*.


Curio is the vocational school of the region West-Brabant in the Netherlands. Curio is the new name of the schools: Prinsentuin, Kellebeek, Markiezaat, Vitalis, Radius, Zoomvliet, Cingel and Florijn.

We have assisted with their elective course “Datacenter” in 2022 & 2023.

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